Interview With Connie Holstein

Healthy Chocolate Podcast

This is a podcast interview with Connie Holstein on the opportunity that comes with marketing Xocai healthy chocolate.

Listen Here:

In this interview, Melannie and Connie discuss the compensation and health benefits of marketing Xocai healthy chocolate.

Find out more about Xocai healthy chocolate products.

Xocai established the world’s first healthy chocolate product line. Using patented technology, Xocai cold presses the cocoa bean so that there is no cooking of the chocolate bean. Through this cold press process, extremely high levels of the naturally existing antioxidants are preserved within our chocolate products.

These delicious, raw, dark chocolate products are high antioxidants and flavenoids, which are the key components that keep us healthy, clean our blood streams and prevent disease.

Contact Us for more information on how to buy healthy chocolate, or if you would like to join the Xocai Sales Team, we’ll get right back to you!


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