Chocolate eBook Available To Xocai In Oakland, California

Healthy Chocolate eBookAnnouncement for my chocolate friends in Oakland, California:

I have written a new ebook about Healthy Chocolate to start off our new year. This book is free to download for all Xocai distributors in Oakland, California. Please use this as a resources as you teach your prospects about Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

I wrote this book with the intentions of helping people in Oakland better understand their health, and how healthy dark chocolate can be a significant source of anti-oxidants and polyphenols, and a healthy way to snack without filling your body with sugars and fats.

Download my Healthy Chocolate eBook

As you know, I am passionate about chocolate, and with Xocai I can be healthy, too!

I hope you enjoy my Chocolate eBook, and find it useful in your local Oakland Xocai endeavors.

Adam Paul Green


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